May 22, 2022

Range Rules & Safety

Safety is everyone’s job. To keep the Range safe, everyone must do their part. Please report any unsafe incidents to the Range Staff at the Range office. If the office is closed, call the phone number on the front of this booklet. Members observing another member breaking the rules or engaging in unsafe conduct should immediately caution them. Further misconduct should be reported to the Range Staff as soon as possible.

Eye and hearing protection is required to be worn by all personnel while on this range.

WARNING: Airborne lead and loud noises may cause fetal distress in pregnant women.

Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed at the Range. No member, associate member, visitor, or guest may use the Range or its facilities while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This includes prescription drugs which warn against driving or operating machinery (impaired judgement).

Members displaying unsportsmanlike conduct or violating range rules are subject to immediate termination of membership without reimbursement of a membership fee. Unauthorized trimming of vegetation or destruction of other Range property will result in termination of membership.

Range Staff is the authority at Rainbow Range and may suspend or terminate membership for violation of the Range Rules or other appropriate justification.

The Range is not a playground. Watch your guests, visitors, and children carefully. You are responsible for their behavior.

Failure to comply with the rules of the Range may result in Range privileges being suspended for the remainder of the day, or the membership may be terminated at the discretion of Range Staff.


  1. Only firearms which may be legally possessed may be brought to the Range.
  2. Shoot only from designated shooting positions.
  3. Police all brass and trash.
  4. When a cease fire is called, all weapons shall be unloaded and set down with action open. Weapons shall not be handled while anyone is down range. A cease fire shall be called and range closed when anyone is down range.
  5. When finished shooting, return all targets to proper storage area under the covered firing area.
  6. The Range Staff and our neighbors would appreciate the exercise of restraining with respect to the rapid fire os semi-automatic weapons and assault weapons. Please slow it down. PLEASE, NO RAPID FIRING!
  7. Personal safety is everybody’s responsibility. All personnel on the range shall wear eye and hearing protection.
  8. Fire only at targets placed on the appropriate target range and fire only within the red range boundary markers.
  9. DO NOT use ceramic, glass, or steel targets.
  10. Place paper targets on cardboard centered between the wooden frames. This will, if you’re a good shot, avoid the damage to the frame from bullets.
  11. When placing target frames in holders or patching the targets, walk around to the back of the Mound, do not walk up on the dirt slope.
  12. Always keep your muzzle pointed down range.
  13. Guns shall only be loaded on the firing line.