May 22, 2022

Our Ranges

Range A – .22 Pistol or Rifle Range, 50 Feet

  1. .22 Rim fire only. no center fire or rim fire magnums.
  2. Shoot only at target are between red range markers and below red crossbar. DO NOT shoot at rocks, concrete piers, or woodwork.
  3. Only use paper targets and or the metal targets that are provided by the range.
  4. Place targets at the target area only. Do not place any targets between the 50′ target area and the firing line. Dangerous ricochets may result.

Range B – .22 Rifle Range, 50 Yards

  1. 3 target distances: 50 feet, 75 feet, and 50 yard.
  2. .22 Rim fire Rifles only. No center fire or magnums and no pistols.
  3. Observe shooting area bounded by range markers. Do not shoot at targets on the rifle range, Range C.
  4. Do not go down range to change targets until there is a cease fire on the rifle range, Range C.
  5. Cease fire and open action when personal are down range on the rifle range, Range C, to change targets.

Range C – Rifle Range

  1. 3 target distances: 50, 70, and 100 yard.
  2. Observe shooting area bounded by red range markers. DO NOT SHOOT THE TREES or other vegetation. (Red range markers are NOT targets!)
  3. Do not set targets and shoot at anything closer than 50 yards.
  4. DO NOT use steel or glass targets. Cans and water filled plastic jugs may be used as targets if NOT placed on target holder mounds. Remove all trash after firing is completed
  5. Pistols may be fired on the rifle range, however, rifle shooters have priority.
  6. Shotguns shall NOT be fired at target frames. See Range Staff for patterning board and assistance.
  7. Insure a cease fire on the neighboring .22 rifle range, Range B when going down range. Also cease fire when anyone is down range of Range B.
  8. Members shooting semi-automatic firearms and firearms with muzzle breaks should always show consideration to fellow shooters.

Range D – Falling Plate Range

  1. Access is by the stairs only. Do not access through the rifle range.
  2. Pistol range only. Do not use rifle or shotgun.
  3. No magnum loads.
  4. No jacketed bullets.
  5. As with all other ranges, eye and hearing protection is mandatory.

Range E – Pistol Range

  1. Target positions are at 15, 25, and 50 yards.
  2. Only handguns may be fired at this range. Rifles and shotguns are not permitted
  3. Only metal targets supplied by the range may be used.
  4. Magnum loads are not to be fired at metal targets.
  5. Do not shoot across the range.
  6. Keep shots between the red range markers. Red range markers are not targets.

Range F – Trap Range

  1. Keep shots within red range markers. Our property line is on the south side of this range, please be considerate of our neighbors.
  2. No shot larger than #7 1/2.
  3. TRAP SHOOT: Sunday mornings.
  4. Trap parties may be arranged by contacting the Range Staff.

Range G – Hanging Plate

  1. Clear with shooters on the pistol range, Range E.
  2. Access and egress only by the path from trap range, Range D. DO NOT go through the pistol range, Range E.
  3. Fly the red flag when using this range. Remember to lower the flag when you leave.
  4. No rifles
  5. No Magnum loads or jacketed bullets.
  6. As with all other ranges, eye and ear protection is mandatory.

Range H – 150 Yard Range

  1. This range may only be used by prior arrangement with the Range Staff.
  2. It is available only when Range Staff is on the property.
  3. When in use, Range H shall have priority over the Trap Range, Range F, and Falling Plate Range, Range G.

Range I – Instruction Range (Instructor Use Only)

  1. Used for weapons instruction under the supervision of a Rainbow Range approved instructor and is CLOSED to general membership and all other shooters.
  2. Class information may be obtained from the Range Staff or contact Duncan’s Gunworks in San Marcos at (760) 727-0515.