May 22, 2022



Am I allowed to bring a visitor to the range?

Yes, visitors of members are permitted, however, the visitor is not permitted to load, unload, or discharge any firearms. Members are responsible for the actions and safety of their visitors and/or guests.

Am I allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while at the range?

NO, alcoholic beverages SHALL NOT be consumed at the range. No member, associate member, visitor, or guest may use the range or its facilities while under the influence of alcoholic or drugs. This includes prescription drugs which warn against driving or operating machinery, (impaired judgment).

Can I bring my dog to the range?

Yes, we are a pet friendly establishment. We only ask that you keep your pet on a leash at ALL times and that you are properly prepared to lean up after your pet.

NOTE: We expect owners to know the temperament of their pets and to be responsible for assuring they will get along with other people or animals they may encounter.