May 22, 2022

Range Operations

Range Operations

Can I bring a guest with me to shoot?

Yes, you may bring a guest for the day for a fee of $25 for each guest, maximum 2 guests per full member only, (associates do not qualify to bring guests).

Am I allowed to bring a visitor to the range?

Yes, visitors of members are permitted, however, the visitor is not permitted to load, unload, or discharge any firearms. Members are responsible for the actions and safety of their visitors and/or guests.

Am I allowed to drink alcoholic beverages while at the range?

NO, alcoholic beverages SHALL NOT be consumed at the range. No member, associate member, visitor, or guest may use the range or its facilities while under the influence of alcoholic or drugs. This includes prescription drugs which warn against driving or operating machinery, (impaired judgment).

Can I bring my dog to the range?

Yes, we are a pet friendly establishment. We only ask that you keep your pet on a leash at ALL times and that you are properly prepared to lean up after your pet.

NOTE: We expect owners to know the temperament of their pets and to be responsible for assuring they will get along with other people or animals they may encounter.

What are the range hours?

The range is open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 1800 hours, (6:00 p.m.) or sunset, whichever is earlier. The range office is generally open between 9:00 a.m. and 6: p.m. but is closed for certain holidays.

Absolutely no shooting before 9:00 a.m. or after 1800 hours, (6:00 p.m.)

Am I required to wear my range ID card while at the range?

Yes, your membership card must be warn at all times while you are on range property. You are also required to carry another form of identification, (drivers license or student ID card) to verify that you are indeed a member.

Am I limited to what guns I can shoot at the range?

Only firearms which may be legally possessed are permitted to be brought to the range. Fully automatic weapons are not allowed at the range nor is burst firing or rapid firing.

What could happen if i violate the range rules?

Members displaying unsportsmanlike conduct or violating range rules may have their range privileges suspended for the remainder of the day and could be subject to immediate termination of membership without reimbursement of the membership fee.

Note: If a membership is terminated the corresponding associate memberships will also be terminated. No refunds will be issued for terminated memberships or associate accounts.

How can I arrange to use the 150 yard range?

In order to use the 150 yard Range, you need to reserve it on a day which is not a regular Trap day . To do so, check with the R.S.O. as he will have to close the Trap Range (Range F) and Hanging Plate (Range G) while you shoot.